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If you would like a tattoo appointment, contact me to schedule a consultation. We will talk about the desires and direction you have and I will sketch a preliminary design idea. You can then put down a deposit for the design and we will plan a procedure appointment. My appointments are "first come, first serve" and I currently have a waiting list for consultations.


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Read what my previous clients have to say...

  • I love the style and colors. Thank you for tattooing with such dedication and effort.
    —Roberto Z.
  • You EXCEEDED my expectations, you are simply amazing! Thank you so much, this tattoo means so much to me. Keep your hands healthy!
    —Rob B.
  • We had so much fun with you! Thank you for such a memorable experience Chloë!
    —♥, Waeli

About The Tattooist

My custom designs are rooted in the traditional tattoo style. I do fine line, illustrative, americana, oriental, geometric, indigenous/tribal, and cover-up. I love grey-scale and large color palettes!

I have been making art as long as I can remember and I have been tattooing since 2010. I have always felt very motivated to make and share art. I love making inks and dyes from local plants and minerals, muraling, tinkering with machinery, metals, found art, science, fibers, rivers, music, starry skies, gardening, mountains, snow, hot springs, traveling our lovely planet, and enjoying life.


My policy can be summarized as achieving the highest level of safety and sanitation, providing the overall best experience for my clients, the lifelong development of my arts, and pursuing innovation each day. Read More...

Tattooing is a process that involves pain, as well as beauty. It is a one-time creation that lasts the rest of your life, and each client deserves, and receives, the utmost care in every way. Tattooing is a personal experience and you are a unique individual. I specialize in making custom tattoos specifically for each of my clients.

I aim to gain the unwavering trust of each and every one of my clients! I go to every length and give 200% to deliver the finest degree of care and quality throughout every step of the process. There is a measurable amount of effort, time, intuition, and expertise that goes into each of my tattoos that cannot be achieved in just one hour, from meeting to parting. In life, I aspire to improve the world around me, including to raise the standard of tattooing - working to propel body art to a higher level in every sense.

"We do not put tattoos on you; we bring tattoos out of you." -Zulu

Custom Art

What do YOU want? =)


When is a good time to get tattooed?

When you are of legal age, not sick, and not pregnant (unless an exception is called for). Choose an appointment date at a time when you know you can avoid excessive sunlight, excessive sweating, and being submerged in water, for one month after the procedure. For people living in hot climates, winter time is often the best time to get tattooed.

Does tattooing hurt?

Well sure! However, the pain is an irritation on the outside, not an internal pain like a toothache or an injection. If you really want a tattoo, you definitely be able to handle it. That, however, is not to say that some areas of the body are not worse than others! Tattoos work best and hurt the least on the body's smooth outer surfaces, over muscle or fat.

Where do I get the art for my tattoo?

I am a custom tattooist, though I might be able to work with you if you already have a piece of artwork in mind. In the planning phase of your tattoo, I welcome you to bring in all forms of inspiration: from photos of art and tattoos, to objects, to ideas, to stories… use your imagination and internal inspiration! Since you are commissioning me for my artwork, I will need complete freedom to make the tattoo with my experience, knowledge, expression, sense of design, and skills. There are muscle groupings, skeletal structures, positions, sizes, compositions, color tones, and various other variables that need to be considered in creating your design.

I have a really _____ tattoo, can you fix it?!

Yes. Depending on the piece, I can give you a completely new image, or remake the existing one to look how you really wanted it to!

What are your safety and sanitary procedures?

I truly care about my clients' absolute safety! And mine. I adhere to the Universal Precautions, industry standards, and then some (because it can't hurt to be extra clean and careful). Every needle is a brand new, sterile, single-use tool. Every surface that comes in contact with skin or body fluids is fully protected with hospital-grade, disposable covers. The highest degree of attention is given in my sanitizing procedures. I am fully trained and certified in Bloodborne Pathogens and cross-contamination.

How much does a tattoo cost? And what is your deposit policy?

Since every tattoo is different, the ultimate price for your specific piece will depend on it's size, location, and detail. For tattoos about the size of my palm, or smaller, I can generally quote you a full price. For anything larger, I charge an hourly or measurement-based rate, according to your specific piece. Artwork deposits will be half of the tattoo price. If your tattoo will require multiple sessions, or if you request to divide it into sessions, you will pay for each session separately, not the whole tattoo up front. For people that would like to start a piece, but would prefer to pay in increments instead of a lump sum, having multiple sessions is a great option.

What types of payment do you accept?

Cash, cards, and PayPal.

How Do Tattoos Work?

Skin is a resilient, living organ, and operates very specifically. A tattoo essentially becomes a part of the living system.

Skin is divided into three main sections: the outer layer called the epidermis, the middle layer called the dermis, and the most internal layer called the hypodermis. Tattoo ink is mostly placed into the uppermost (papillary) layer of the dermis. Sometimes it will be in the lowermost (basal) layer of the epidermis too. Everything in the dermis is ALIVE! Read More...

There are many different types of skin cells, located in different areas of your body (notice the skin of your heel is different than that of your wrist), and each responds to tattooing in a different way. The qualities and varieties of the skin involved, like the texture, durability, presence of scar tissue, location, predicted amount of wear, and interaction between unique tones of ink and skin, all affect the way I will apply your tattoo.

A tattoo can “spread” over time because the ink is retained within the individual cells. The ink is passed on to new cells as they reproduce. A tattoo can "fade" over time because, over your life, the tattoo ink will slowly be absorbed into the deeper layers of the skin (the hypodermis). These things happen less, and slower, when the tattoo ink is placed in the proper skin layer. Extreme sun exposure will make these processes occur more rapidly. Also, all of my inks are vegan, so they only use plants and minerals for your color, which is all around better for the tattoo.

The name "Sima Tattoo" originates from the use of the antiquated word "sima", referring to the lower crust of the Earth. Because of the lower crust's high concentration of magnesium silicates, the word is a combination of the two elemental abbreviations (Si-Ma). I felt that, as a metaphor between the our planet and the human body, that it is the most comparable section of the Earth to the skin layers where tattoos are located. Sweet, huh?

Healing & Tattoo Care

A properly healing tattoo should look like this photo: a thin film of dead skin cells peeling and flaking away. Some line work and heavy shading or coloring (especially in dark colors) may also scab up. After the peeling and scabbing, your tattoo will appear wrinkled and "leathery". These are all normal reactions.

After receiving a tattoo, it is VERY important that you follow the cleaning and care procedures. Every client is provided with verbal instructions, as well as my "Tattoo Aftercare" handout (see attachment). It is not difficult or overly time consuming to properly care for your new, living body art. Not doing so introduces a risk of infection, color loss, and overall quality degradation. Read More...

Once your tattoo heals to pre-tattoo condition and strength (one month minimum), it is not necessary to baby the tattooed area - however, long exposure to the sun will fade and blur the image. Rare cases have been reported that certain inks may slightly interfere with MRI machinery. In those cases, it is non-life threatening, but people have reported temporary rashes and other similar responses. To be safe, alert MRI staff of your tattoos and their locations before having a test initiated.

Natural, moisturizing oils (applied once every few months) can help your tattoo remain vibrant over the years. If you would like a touch-up on a tattoo that I created, I will do it for free for the first two years. After that, normal charges will apply.